Friday, December 30, 2011

dean and jehan

 jehan wanted shabby chic and was so full of wonderful ideas. it was great and funny and crazy at the same time. almost ran out of time because it took us along time to settle for this bi-fold after so many also nice prototypes. blame my day job for sending me out of the country suddenly. but of course, nothing will stop me from delivering on time, not even distance.

cover art

a closer look

got this neat set of embossing stencils from germany.  am getting more on february. but for orders for more than a hundred, this needs time to make as we do it by hand.

 jehan and dean's invites are the first ones with the TGFP logo =)

i have a new addition to TGFP, my pretty niece Kim, is now my apprentice. she'll brave the traffic just to do the deliveries, too. LOL. She's also in charge of the other stuff that we do. here's a teaser:

dean and jehan and their faux plaster baroque frames

yup, i have minions who make props. will post photos of those soon. haha. my old highschool students have started working on teeny projects like this.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chloe is turning 18!

i love Chloe's fabric envelopes. i love how they look and how they feel. my envelope maker rocks! she was 
stressed like crazy, but she rules. LOL. 
Chloe wanted something like VIP access to the backstage of a fashion show. and it has got to be french( haha, her second name is France). Here's what TGFP came up with. 


Shelah and Ivan vintage retro disco yeah!

Shelah wanted retro and disco and i love prints. we make a good team! but ivan is marrying her, and i'll settle for cardamom. LOL. this project was a breeze, but we had to hold our breath because philpost snail mail almost didn't make it on time to sweden. anyway, i hope you love this one. credits to the guy who made the patterns. in the future, i'll make my patterns, too. was just really busy these past few months.

stole the next photo from FB, this is the other side of the envelope. love the stamps and shelah's handwriting.