Monday, March 30, 2009

mark rothko

hey. last year, my friend, yoshi, got married. i tried to offer my services to her, but she was really looney and floatey before she got married. too bad this never got the chance to get printed on paper, and worse, we had to run around glorietta and sm to get the misalettes ready the morning before the wedding. this is inspired by one of my favorite artists, mark rothko. i love minimalism.

Friday, March 27, 2009

bim + gen

hey, kids! here are the photos of the cover of bim and gen's invites. gen was really meticulous and noticed all the details. we had to make a coupla revisions and this is what came out. bim, on the other hand, just loves me to bits. never noticed nothing. haha. i bet he had a crush on me before gen got hold of him. haha! all other details will be printed on loose leaves but we still have to decide on the paper.

the outside:

and the inside:

gonna post a coupla samples next week. see you then!

Monday, March 23, 2009

our very first

hi, everyone!
and for my first entry, the Save the Date card design for my dear friends, Bim and Gen.

let me introduce ourselves. i'm abba and i have a nephew, who is also my partner. his name is vaughn, a.k.a. bog. but he's sleeping now because he has school tomorrow. our relationship is more of like friends than the mentor-student, guru-cricket,or tita-baby boy kind.

so i make the original artwork and bog manipulates them on his really hi-tech computer.

for bim and gen, we are making the invitations, too. i will post that after we get the test print. we'll also do the the place cards and the menu cards.

oh. so there. see you around!

love and kisses,