Sunday, January 22, 2012

carlo and chrissele pre-nup project

somewhere between lying on the sofa and drinking beer and wedding prep errands, chrissele announced that her pre-nup shoot will just be done in a studio. she is one of my boring friends, meaning, her taste is definitely not as colorful as mine (she actually knows that i think she is boring! hehehe!) she prefers the simplest of things, but still she asked for my opinions and suggestions on what the concept should be. we decided on echoing images that will be consistent during their wedding. simple da vah??LOL. 

see that painting on the 2nd photo? here it is again. and there were 2 of them chubby birds, but i didn't get the photo! boo!  haha! 

credits go to my goldfishlings, Kim, Joey, and company.
they may be nice, but they eat too much pancit canton!

we have no standard rates for projects like these, but we can talk about it. please let us know at least a month and a week (2 months is really good,too) in advance so we can discuss ideas, budgets, prices, and have enough time to actually work. my minions can get very busy, so right now we can't do rush jobs. =)