Thursday, June 4, 2009

vacation :) and anna & roddy's STD cards

hi kids.

i'm going to china on monday, so i'm turning everything over to the lovely Yoshie (my future digital printer/envelope maker/tour guide/consultant) for the next two weeks. been busy with too much vacationing and two active projects. still trying too hard to make the perfect artwork for anna and roddy's formal invitation. in the meantime, here's what i've come up with the STD design. i was supposed to have it silkscreened but my silkscreen team can't figure out where to get the materials. did a sample print using a digital printer on 180 gsm watercolor paper. turned out lovely! will put them inside turquoise and apple green striped transluscent jacket-type envelopes. i hope anna will love them as much as i am loving the simplicity of the design and the kilig of the poem by rainer ma. rilke.

see you in two weeks!