Thursday, May 19, 2011

carlo and chrissele save the date

my lovely friends are getting married. still haven't thought of the complete invite design concept yet. but it's gonna be just a postcard type one with a separate rsvp card and envelope. this is very challenging for me because we've been friends since we were teenagers. i hope i can make them happy. LOL. oh, and i'll be a bridesmaid, of course. i need to diet!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lanie and Ryan

hello! i really love my printers. they keep saving my life ( i was going to say ass, but you don't say ass in wedding blogs, right?). anyway, here is lanie and ryan's invite. i didn't post the inside as we don't want anyone to gatecrash, do we? i love love the printing. love it. love love it.

here's the design for the invitation cover art.

and what it looks printed. this invitation type consists of a card-type cover art with both sides in full color, 2 sheets of parchment inserts, and an envelope. (prices start at Php 85)

this project was completed while i was still suffering from jet lag from 4 different timezones. haha! i was really happy with lanie and ryan's feedback. only good words. lanie was so excited and already wanted to give them out the day i delivered the invites. haha! makes my heart feel good.